The sound of footsteps briskly passing through the bustling brasserie are only interrupted by the soft murmurs of conversation and the occasional outburst of laughter. Business colleagues are seated next to a couple that are deeply involved in the final stages of their dessert. As a ‘Sea Food Platter’ with […]

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The expeditor ushers for the attention of service staff to deliver a ‘fruits of the sea platter’ to the brasserie. Three ladies following a show at His Majesty’s enter through the central grand arch from St Georges Terrace and take a seat at the pewter bar, the scent of coffee […]


The door thuds softly when closing, the curtains are drawn to block the light as the host finalises their presentation. A table prepared with fresh seafood and delicatessen items awaits you as you catch the eye of your associate. The client enters. You sink into your seat and begin to […]

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Remember when we went down the spiralling stairs through the tunnel and did an Alice in Wonderland?  The wax was dripping as the candlelight flickered. The performer on the side of the street, adorned in yellow with baggy breeches, checkered stockings with a rich coloured red jacket, a straw coloured […]