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10th Birthday Set Menu + Complimentary glass of Idée Fixe Blanc de Blancs

August 25 – September 3, 2022

The Heritage Wine Bar

A delicious multi-course set menu devised by Chef Gord Kahle in celebration of our 10th birthday. Created to shine a spotlight on our incredible community of local farmers, fishers and producers we use day in, day out.

Sommelier Lisa Chambers has curated an optional wine pairing as a celebration of everything we love about West Australian wine. All guests choosing the 10th birthday set menu will be treated to a complimentary glass of Idée Fixe Blanc de Blancs sparkling on arrival. Time your visit to enjoy the Brookfield Place Festival of Winter Lights beforehand or pop into the wine store for one of our free tasting nights.

Heritage Wine Bar 10th Birthday Menu $110 includes complimentary glass of Idee Fixe Blanc de Blanc Sparkling wine + $90 birthday wine pairing (optional)

Welcome glass of Idée Fixe Blanc de Blancs

Heritage bread & koji butter Pickled cucumber, olives & pepper oil Ft. Great Southern Groves Vino Volta Different Skins 2021* Octopus, char & black garlic Raw beef, egg & Bottarga Potato hash, whipped cod roe & salmon pearls Ft. Blackwood Valley Beef from Dirty Clean Food, Fins Seafood, Little Farm Eggs Vasse Felix Chardonnay 2016* Below & Above Merlot 2017* Half Wagin duck & sesame duck jus Mushroom Guys mushrooms & Jeruslam artichokes Ft. Wagin Duck, Mushroom Guys Dormilona Cabernet 2021* Cambray Farm cheesecake, chocolate & coffee meringue Ft. Cambray Cheese, Leaf Bean Machine ‘Karvan Coffee’ Idée Fixe Rose 2020* *when selecting the wine pairing


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