Best BYO Restaurants in Perth's Chinatown ... and the wine to take with you

A melting pot of cultures and restaurants, Northbridge’s Chinatown is our choice for a late night, laid back feed with friends and workmates over a few BYO beers and wines. It’s also the only spot open when we wrap up for the night and a nice way to unwind.

We’ve put together a wine pack special with all the wines we like to take with us. And to go with it, our top five restaurants in Perth’s Chinatown.

Best places to eat in Chinatown, Northbridge

To be honest the list is ever changing but for our money, it’s a good place to start.

  • Hong Kong BBQ House for their roast duck and BBQ meats.

  • City Garden Chinese Restaurant for late night feasts.

  • Fortune Five Chinese Restaurant for Cantonese and dim sum.

  • S & T Thai Gourmet Café for spicy larb and curries.

  • Tra Vinh Vietnamese Restaurant for warming noodle soups.

Here's our choice of wine to take with you. Available to buy in-store at Heritage Wine Store or online for home delivery.