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Producer in Focus: 5 Minutes with Winemaker Jo Perry of Dormilona, Margaret River

Winemaker Jo Perry, Dormilona, Margaret River

Josephine Perry is the one woman creative, entrepreneur and winemaker behind the award-winning Dormilona (Margaret River) and Yokel (Swan Valley) wines. We love how fruit forward Jo's wines are, absolutely lovely to drink and incredibly vibrant. She has a gentle, low interference approach to winemaking that shows a trust in the fruit quality and work in the vineyard. As our Heritage Wine Store producer in focus we took five minutes for a quick catchup. Book a table to try Jo's wines by the glass or shop Dormilona wines for Australia wide delivery or in-store pickup.


What are you up to now?

We just moved into our new home & the kitchen is so ready for feasts! Last night I cooked some Sri Lankan food - really authentic style pumpkin curry then a dahl from red lentils and cucumber raita. We traveled there for a month as a family just before Covid so it brought back tales of our adventure. We drank the new Orenji. Skin contact Sem Sav 2022.

Favourite drop?

Oh well that's an easy one. CHENIN! I call this wine my desert island wine. Because I make it for myself so I can go to my island and as I grow old it will age with me perfectly. All Chenin haters end up enjoying it in the end. Or I trick people saying its Chardonnay and then they enjoy it.

What's happening in the winery at the moment?

Just finished bottling off the house wines and labelling the new vintage Pet Nats. So the winery is having a little down time at the moment.

Best part of being a winemaker in Margaret River?

Vintage. No year is the same, it's always changing.

Favourite spot or people to enjoy a wine with?

Down at Joeys Nose after a surf with local mates. We're lucky where we live, surrounded by good wines and great mates.

Favourite tunes during vintage?

The Stooges really did it for me last vintage. Helped me kick into gear when I was dragging my feet.

Bottle you’re hanging out to open?

Oh yes I do have one of those. It's the Glenarty Road Fathoms Cuvée, the one they aged in pots in the Indian Ocean for nine months. My partner Jim's not into bubbles so I'm waiting for the right night he goes out and a girlfriend comes over, haha.

Wine region or places you’re itching to visit?

Really can't wait to get back to Galicia. I lived there for close to 7 years. I miss my friends, the place, the wines and the food. I have a huge spot in my heart for that wild land.

Other winemakers you’re keeping an eye on and why you love what they do?

To be honest I'm pretty busy so I haven't been keeping an eye on anyone particular. I feel with the changing world it's been hard enough keeping ahead of my own game and my own wine on track, let alone looking in another lane.

What are you really excited about?

Am looking at new venture that'll (fingers crossed) branch out from Dormilona and help people access good wine with recyclability at the forefront.


Book a try Jo's wines by the glass in the bar or shop Dormilona wines in the wine store for Australia wide delivery or in-store pickup. Subscribe for our next winemaker feature

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Images: Dormilona (main portrait courtesy Sarah Hewer Photography )


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