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Josephine Perry is the winemaker behind the award-winning Dormilona (Margaret River) and Yokel (Swan Valley) wines. Fruit forward and vibrant, her wines have a light touch that show total trust in the fruit. It's wine we love to drink.

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Best part of being a winemaker?

Vintage! No year is the same, it's always changing. 

Tunes on repeat during vintage?


The Stooges really did it for me last vintage. Helped me kick into gear when I was dragging my feet.

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Favourite spot or people to enjoy a wine with?


Down at Joeys Nose after a surf with local mates. We're lucky where we live (Margaret River), surrounded by good wines and great mates.
Favourite wine varietal?

Oh well that's an easy one. Chenin! I call it my desert island wine. Because I make it for myself so I can go to my island and as I grow old it will age with me perfectly. All Chenin haters end up enjoying it in the end. Or I trick people saying its Chardonnay and then they enjoy it.

Images: Courtesy Dormilona

(except portrait, courtesy, Sarah Hewer)

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